Why Get a Massage?

Massage enhances life by promoting healing and wellness. Massage decreases muscle tension, increases flexibility, increases circulation of blood and lymph, detoxifies your body, decreases stress and related illness, increases your immune system and increases the connection between body, mind and spirit.

When a person is stressed your body will react physically. It decreases your ability to digest food, reach REM sleep, and weakens the immune system.

When administered in a knowledgeable, comfortable environment, massage will increase relaxation which will in turn allow your body to rest, digest, and recover from the punishment you may put it through in a daily basis. At the Health Within Wellness Center we base our treatments on three fundamental types of massage, Swedish, deep tissue, and myotherapy.

Swedish massage:

Swedish Massage is an accumulation of a variety of techniques designed to relax muscles by applying pressure in a rhythmic manner. Swedish massage increases oxygen in the blood, release toxins from the muscles, and decreases the time it takes to recover from an injury by flushing metabolic waste from the injured muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Technique focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Physically breaking down adhesions (muscle knots) to relieve pain and resume normal movement. Deep tissue is great for chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis or fybromyalgia, limited mobility, recovery of injuries such as whiplash or repetitive strain, postural alignment problems, muscle tension, spasm, chronic tension and contractions.


Myotherapy is a trigger-point therapy that involves pressing on small constricted sore points that trigger pain in areas away from that point. Myotherapy is very similar to acupressure. The main difference is that myotherapy is based on manipulation of muscle where as acupressure is based on nerves and energy meridians.

Myotherapy is good for reducing or eliminating referred pain to trigger points.